How to Repair iOS system issues

By | Mei 18, 2023

This is one of the most common errors faced by iOS users. There are times when after connecting your phone to the system or while syncing it with iTunes, you might get an “unknown error” message like this. There would be a serial number written besides that (for instance, error 21).

firmware file corrupt iphone

The iOS installation package’s size is between 2 and 3 GB, so if you have limited bandwidth, it may take a while for iMazing to download the software. How to fix iOS devices not compatible firmware with TunesKit iOS System Recovery? To use the program to work out this issue, you just need following three steps.

The best way is to wait a few hours before updating your iPhone. When Force restart or update don’t repair iOS system, try factory reset. Also known as hard reset, the method will restore your iOS device to new. It will delete all data and sign out of all your accounts.

  • If you didn’t find the email, check the spam/junk folder.
  • Beta firmwares have also been released, but require an Apple Developer account to acquire.
  • Now, just follow the simple steps below to save your iPhone without data loss.
  • Please make sure you selected a valid update file and try again.
  • You should see a list of all your hard drives and their individual partitions.

Like factory reset, Recovery Mode too deletes the current data from your iOS device. Hence, ensure the latest data backup is there before you try this method. When dealing with corrupted backups, there are a couple third-party apps that may help you. Go to Mac App Store or Google and search for backup repair tools. You can use Decipher Tools, Corrupt Backup Recovery, iPhone Back Up Extractor, Decipher Backup Repair, and a couple of others. We don’t have any specific recommendation, as we haven’t needed to use them. However, if you didn’t find the solution in the previous methods, feel free to try them as well.

Restoring your iPhone in the Device Firmware Update mode is the most intense type of restoration. And you can try it when all the major update/restore/restart tricks fail to solve the iPhone firmware corrupt error. From there select the iTunes files and right-click on them to uninstall them.

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